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About us and our company

You can reach us anytime in our German offices at Dorfen close to Erding. It is our aim to reply to your inquiries as quickly as possible. Inquiries by fax or e-mail are very welcome, but a call from your side is even more appreciated as a personal contact can be established far better by phone. However, in the meantime more than 75% of all inquiries do reach us electronically.

Usually our clients find a couple of interesting objects on our homepage. Detailed exposès of those objects that are of interest to you will then be sent to you by mail or e-mail. Those documents contain much more details than the short descriptions on our homepage.

We will send you by mail in a bound, coloured binder a summary of those objects that have been especially chosen for you. For this kind of presentation we use in our offices in Germany a laser colour printer. Once you have received the requested information we hope to get some feedback from you - preferrably by phone, as we can much better respond to your needs when talking to you.

However, here in our offices in Germany we are only satisfied with our work once you allow us to organise a sight-seeing tour for you in Croatia. You tell us the preferred dates, we reserve a specialist for you on site, if you wish even for a couple of days.

The Istrian coast is looked after by our offices in Pula, with regard to Dalmatia you may choose between offices in Zadar and Split.

I would like to emphasize that all our employees in all our offices are permanently employed and they do all receive a monthly salary. In contrast to my many competitors, who especially in Croatia have employed people on a commission basis, my employees do not need to put pressure on our clients in order to earn their salary. Also, our employees are constantly trained, and many clients praise the amount and quality of information that my employees are able to provide. The main task of my employees is to give advice, because generally each object sells by itself. Our task is to guide our clients and help them to find the right property. Our principle is:
"If you are able to treat your clients as good friends and if your clients consider you as friends, you will become successful automatically."

In case that you have decided to buy one of our real estate properties, please be so kind to read the chapter purchase completion where all procedures are explained.

When do you place confidence in a person?

A doctor title in front of the company name, a stock corporation, a liminted company - what does this say about the leadership of the company?

My almost 60 years of experience of life (including approx. 35 years in Croatia, during which I got to know perfectly the coast above and under water) enable me to ask for your confidence.


born in Diedorf close to Augsburg 


completion of the Arts & Crafts school in Augsburg as best of my age-group in the district Schwaben 

Until 1969

Transformation of my school-knowledge as window-dresser at the very famous men's outfitter ABEL in Augsburg.

1969 - 1971

Military service at the Federal Border Police; as morse printer partly at the inner German border

1971 - 1978

free-lance in the advertising industry (posters, window-dressing, interior decoration, eye-catcher etc.)

1978 - 1990

Ownership of a ship charter company (partly with own boats) in former Yugoslavia. My offers at that time comprised cruises on a trawler including diving-, surf- and waterski-offers.


Purchase of oldtimers in California, for example famous models such as MB 190 SL, Fiat Pininfarina, Austin Healey, Jaguar E-Type and the sale of those cars in Germany. 

1994 - 1997

I worked as a tennis coach of the Bavarian Tennis Association. 

1997 - 2000

Reconstruction of an old, isolated farm-house in Lower Bavaria (under protection of monuments) with own well and a little lake.

Seit 2000

 real estate agent specialised for Croatia 

Some people consider me as an artist

Since the completion of the Arts & Crafts School I again and again designed and made, depending on the time available, objets d'art, pictures or sculptures. In the 90's I even was invited to some exhibitions, for example to Art in castle Baumgarten. My works have been very much influenced by the strength, simplicity and straightness of Southern Africa.. Except the last five years (due to lack of time) I always spent 1-2 months in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe or South-Africa. I was most fascinated by one of the last nature people/cultures, the Himbas in Namibia, who have greatly influenced my today's views of life.

I developed a transparency-show (which was widely praised by the media) and travelled through many cities in Southern-Germany to inform people about the land, animals as well as the people and their way of life in this part of Southern Africa which is hardly populated.
I noticed that my audience was especially interested in the dream interpretation (filtering of information about the future out of the dreams) of the Himba-people. This way of living helps the people to survive in this uninhabitable desert region.

Gosp. Simica Kalfic`

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Djurdjica Kiric-Bernat

Staatlich geprüfte Immobilienmaklerin Büro Sibenik für den Küstenbereich Split

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