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Hoffrohne Nekretnine d.o.o. (GmbH)
Johannes Hoffrohne
Oberdorfen 31a
D - 84405 Dorfen 

Hoffrohne Nekretnine d.o.o. (GmbH)
Johannes Hoffrohne
Privlacka 6
HR - 23000 Zadar

Contact details

Phone: +49 (0) 8081 / 95251 - 0
Fax: +49 (0) 8081 / 95251 - 29


Croatia: Trgovacki Sud Zadar - HR 23000 Zadar
MB-Nr. 16 96 491

You can also reach us on Saturdays and Sundays.

General terms and conditions.

  1. All our offers are subject to confirmation and are based on information that we have obtained from the owner/landlord or lessor of the property. We therefore cannot be made liable for the accuracy and completeness of this information. Our offers are subject to prior sale or renting by the owner. 
  2. All our offers and pieces of information are only designed for the recipient and must be treated confidentially. If anybody hands out documents to third parties and if as a result of this a contract is concluded with this third party, the contracting body (client) has to pay compensation in the amount of the usual commission as described in paragraph 6.
  3. If an offered property is offered again later through a third party, the commission claim of the first offerer does not cease to exist. In order to avoid a double payment of commission we recommend that the subsequent offerers be informed of this pre-knowledge and to renounce their mediation services. 
  4. The contracting body will inform the estate agent immediately of any contract conclusion. He/She is obliged to send a copy of the contract to the estate agent.
  5. The estate agent can act both for the seller and/or the buyer and is entitled to request a commission payment from both sides.
  6. If a contract is concluded through the mediation of the estate agent (i.e. purchase, rent, lease) a commission amounting to 3% plus PDV (Croatian VAT) of the purchase price, resp. the minimum commission of EUR 2,500.00 plus 22% PDV (Croatian VAT) falls due for payment on the day of the notarisation of the contract. 
    This commission claim also applies if the conditions of the contract deviate from the assigned offer or if the purchase happened through a compulsory auction. The estate agent is also entitled to commission if an economically similar transaction or a transaction of the same kind has been concluded. 
  7. The commission claim does not cease to exist if the main contract is subsequently cancelled unless the cancellation is subject to the occurrence of some disruptive condition or a justifiable rescission.
  8. The nullity of one or more paragraphs of these terms and conditions does not affect the validity of the estate agent contract or other conditions mentioned herein.
  9. Court of jurisdiction and place of execution for both parties to the contract are Eggenfelden and Zadar if legally allowed.
  10. For the contract to be concluded, German law will apply.