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Philosophy of Croatia-Immo

95% of my clients are not Croatians, they usually come from adjoining countries. One can therefore ask the following question: Who and why does a so-called foreigner want to buy a piece of land in a Mediterranean region like Croatia?

Let me combine those interrogatives - who and why - and allow me to talk about the emotional buyer. When analysing those emotional buyers one will never find out by which feelings my customers are led when buying a property. Even if you apply scientific logic, you will not be able to define the reasons.

However, when trying to analyse the driving force which eventually leads to the purchase, philosophy can help us a lot. In the case of the previously mentioned emotional buyer, one today must talk about cultural-, economical- or social-philosophy. The emotional importance of a residence is ranked after

  1. freedom and
  2. partnership / family

as the third most important factor on a priority list with a total of 6 items, which all are responsible for the sense of happiness and comfort of any human being. I am therefore very well aware of the fact that I am mediating something very important (a real estate, something immovable - not a mobile item, something tied). My employees are also trained accordingly.

"Try to treat your clients as friends, who are asking you for advice. You must achieve, that your client considers you as friend." This simple sentence explains the philosophy, which makes our clients happy and content and which makes my company and our employees so successful.

Let me explain philosophically the "columns" of those feelings "happy and content" (well-being). The actual consciousness uses the word "column" as basis. Above mentioned feelings, i.e. this basis (let me call it principle) is best described by the word motion.

One thing is clear: Nothing in life is 100% safe. Can we hold up people? We try it constantly, but our time, which obeys atomic structures, does not allow for any standstill. We try to stay, but the fact is that one cannot stay. Every second cells of our body die, every second new cells are created. Within a period of 7 years all our cells have been renewed. A completely new body has been created.

Our most reliable motion detector, our hungry stomach, forces us to give up standstill resp. immobility. The economical transformation of food into energy is essential to life if you want to work mentally. The production of feelings is the task of our mind. Let me call this the subtle part of our existence. Energy and motion, no matter whether subtle or materially, have the same relation to each other as human beings and their place of residence. This leads us back to foreign real estates.
An emotional buyer follows the principles of motion. Many new feelings will await him as a reward for his motion (the action of buying). With the word feeling we have now reached the lowest platform that human beings can think of resp. where we all are founded. Here the foundations of the "columns" happiness and well-being are anchored. Human beings are designed to create feelings. Feelings must be renewed constantly, actually they renew themselves during the period of time. If one has the same feelings all the time - this makes people flabby and unhappy. This unhappiness is used again to get into motion, we do something, we move, we again consider the principle as motion.
These feelings help us to banish the boredom of eternity. The space-ship Earth enables our creators to gain energy via/through changing feelings.

I would like to now come to an end with my philosophical résumé. I nevertheless do hope that this introduction into philosophy will help you to understand better why you are doing what!

I sincerely hope that you are not in doubt about my intellectual and logical abilities (something that any businessman should dispose of) after having read my philosophical comments. It is like "YING and YANG" - scientific logic is one part, philosophy is the other part.